Optimal Medication Solutions

is a specialised Aged Care pharmacy

We control the process for delivering your medication from start to finish. Using state of the art medication packing and checking systems our highly trained professionals are supported by leading software systems much of which has been developed in house to enhance the service we can provide to you and your facility.

Our systems enable us to have the confidence in providing to you the right medicine at the right time. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard in medication accuracy, traceability and safe use of medicines.

We provide full audit reports to your doctor and facility to support them in providing you with the best health outcomes.

Because your facility has chosen us as the preferred pharmacy it helps standardise systems to reduce medication problems and enables us to invest in our business and our people to maintain our current level of service and continue to seek new opportunities to excel.

Please see details of the services we provide below, or contact us directly to find out how we can fulfill your specific requirements.

OptiSach System

The OptiSach system is a dose administration aid which allows nursing staff to quickly and accurately administer medication to facility residents in aged care, and can also be used by a community patient to self-administer medication at home.

Here at Optimal Medication Solutions, we use robotic medication packaging systems that produce uni-dose or multi-dose sachets which are clearly labelled so that the right medication is taken by the right person, at the right time.

The sachets are transparent, to allow easy identification of tablets, and printed on one side with all the information required to ensure safe and accurate administration.

OptiPak System

The OptiPak system is another form of dose administration aid which is more commonly used in the community, and is extremely easy to use without compromising on pharmacy quality.

Unlike the OptiSach system, medications are packaged into a 4 x 7 blister pack system, which can be set up for up to seven days of medications. The OptiPak can also be set up as a uni-dose system for medications taken as required.

Whichever system you choose to use, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Medication Management

Optimal Medication Solutions currently employs a number of Clinical Pharmacists who are fully accredited by The Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) to conduct RMMRs for all permanent residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Upon request by a resident’s general practitioner (GP), our accredited pharmacist can conduct a RMMR in collaboration with the GP and appropriate members of the eligible resident’s healthcare team. Information about the resident’s medicine is collated and a comprehensive assessment is undertaken to identify, resolve and prevent medication-related problems. This is then forwarded to both the GP and the facility.

Clinical Services

Optimal Medication Solutions clinical services can be utilised in combination with pharmacy services and medication supply or can be used independently. Our services include:

  Advice and recommendations for all parts of your Medication Management System.
  Participation in Medication Advisory Committees and Quality Meetings.
  Education in Medication Therapy, Drug Information, Disease State Management and Prescribing Trends.
  Assistance in Competency Training and Accreditation.
  Quality Assurance Auditing Services.